Troubleshooting FT-10 Networks (KB1419)

Troubleshooting Suggestions:

1. FT-10 channels are half duplex, so devices have to wait for other devices to stop sending messages before it can send its own message.

  • Recommend keeping sustained traffic below 40 percent to allow important datapoint messages to be sent when needed.

2. Use LonScanner 5 Protocol Analzer to verify network traffic (free download)

  • Allows you to check bandwidth and verify connectivity between devices
  • CRC error rate should be below 4%

3. Make sure the FT-10 channel is properly terminated

  • Free-topology - single terminator typically placed near the network interface or router.
  • Bus topology - 2 terminators, one at each end of the bus.

4. Look at the Troubleshooting LonWorks Devices and Twisted Pair Networks

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