How Do you Determine if The SmartServer is a Quad Core or Dual Core? (KB1424)

You can look at the SmartServer Serial # , or  use "top" or "lscpu" in a ssh or SmartServer console port to determine if the SmartServer is a qual or duad Core SmartServer.


Serial #

The serial includes one letter. If the letter is F or later, you have a quad core processor. If the letter is A through E, you have a dual core processor.

        Serial #: 442021F00486      - "F" means this is a quad core.

The Serial # can be found using one of the following:

1. SmartServer System Configuration Web page

2. When you login into a SmartServer SSH session or Smartserver console

3. The serial number printed on the label on the bottom of the SmartServer just under the product name. 


Console/SSH Instructions

1. Start your ssh or SmartServer console session

2. Type "lscpu"



2. Or Type "top"

    a. Press the "1" key

    b. In the upper left hand corner of the top window you will see 4 "%Cpu" for a quad core and 2 for a dual core.

    c. Click "ctrl-c" to exit top.



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