IzoT CT or IzoT Net Server doesn't see SmartServer IoT IP-852 Service Pin Messages (KB1426)

Some customers have reported that IzoT CT or IzoT Net Server doesn't see the SmartServer IP-852 Router when you press the LAN (eth0) or WAN (eth1) IP-852 send button in the SmartServer LON Configuration Web page. 

Note: You need to change the SmartServer to IMM (default is DMM) before commission the routers in IzoT CT or an LNS tool. Use the CMS Device Widget Action Menu to change to IMM. The CMS Web page and System Configuration Web page show whether the SmartServer is configured for IMM or DMM.


There are several ways to get the IP-852 Service pin messages with the Router neuron IDs

Options: choose 1

1: Use LonScanner and SmartServer LonScanner FT RNI

    a. Add Protocol RNI on LON Configuration Web page

    b. Add LonScanner RNI using the Control Panel "LonWorks Interfaces" applet.

    c. Press the LON Web page IP-852 Send button for LAN (eth0) or WAN (eth1) Ethernet port. 


2. Use MQTT - IP-852 must be enabled in the LON Web page first

    a. Open a SmartServer ssh or Console port

    b. Subscribe to the following MQTT topic, look for uid and click CTRL-C to exit

mosquitto_sub -v -t glp/0/+/fb/dev/lon/ip852NS_eth0/sts   

glp/0/17qam88/fb/dev/lon/ip852NS_eth0/sts {"action":null,"state":"provisioned",
"mru":"2021-06-15 14:54:03.476 UTC"}


    c. Do the same for the other side of the IP-852 Router

mosquitto_sub -v -t glp/0/+/fb/dev/lon/ip852FS_eth0/sts




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