How To Add a Schedule Heartbeat for the SmartServer IoT (KB1427)

Some sites require you to have some of Schedule outputs be sent periodically so if an edge device reboots it has the required settings.  This is referred to as a schedule heartbeat.

The Scheduler doesn't have a way to heartbeat the value. Currently there is no feature in the CMS Webpages to provide this feature but you can use do this programmatically or contact support to see if there is a tool or Internal IAP App available.

For LON devices you can use MQTT or REST to send commands to change propagationHeartbeat which is used to set the devices input datapoint heartbeat for sending out the current value out periodically to external devices.  Currently there is no way to do this for BACnet or Modbus devices.

This topic:
with a message that is an integer HB value will get what you need. Of course the handle, FB (Lamp), datapoint (nviLamp) are the variables that are to change for the customer use case.

REST: you need to do a read modified write
GET /iap/devs/*+name==Sensor 1/if/Lamp/0/nviLamp/monitor

[{"deviceId":3,"deviceName":"Sensor 1","deviceHealth":"normal","deviceState":"provisioned","blockName":"Lamp","blockIndex":0,"utc":"2021-06-09T20:33:12.929Z[UTC]","local":"2021-06-09T13:33:12.929-07:00[America/Los_Angeles]","dpQualifier":"17qam77/lon/3/Lamp/0/nviLamp","datapointName":"nviLamp","name":"nviLamp","presetValue":null,"locValue":{"value":0,"state":0},"monitor":{"cat":"data","rate":150,"event":false,"focus":null,"health":"normal","report":"any","lon.cfg":{"propagationThrottle":0,"propagationHeartbeat":27,"propagationThreshold":0},"throttle":35,"heartbeat":58,"threshold":0,"inFeedback":false,"receiveTimeout":0}}]

Change propagationHeartbeat=42. Don't include "monitor": in your PUT payload

/iap/devs/*+name==Sensor 1/if/Lamp/0/nviLamp/monitor


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