Troubleshooting SmartServer BACnet Issues (KB1434)

Troubleshooting SmartServer BACnet Issues

1. Verify that you configure the SmartServer BACnet Configuration page before importing any BAC files or doing Device discovery.


2. Check if BACnet service is up and running using "sudo supervisorctl status" console command.

echbacnet is the BACnet service and only runs when BACnet is enabled.


3.  Seeing BACnet devices using MQTT console/ssh command (press CTRL-C exit command)

    mosquitto_sub -v -t glp/0/+/fb/dev/bacnet/+/if/#


4. To verify if datapoint events are working using MQTT console/ssh commands
  (press CTRL-C exit command)

  Example datapoint : "dev/bacnet/4/if/Temperature/0/temperature"

   a. Show all datapoint (any protocol) with datapoint name "temperature"

       mosquitto_sub -v -t glp/0/+/ev/data/# | grep "temperature/value"

   b. Show all datapoints for specific device device blockName/blockIndex

       mosquitto_sub -v -t glp/0/+/ev/data/# | grep "dev/bacnet/4/if/Temperature/0"


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