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SmartServer hangs

How do I troubleshoot a SmartServer used for lighting controls?


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Basic Troubleshooting Tips that should be checked before requesting an i.LON or SmartServer RMA

Troubleshooting tips

  1. Use a good FTP program to transfer files to and from the i.LON (FileZilla is known to cause problems).

Make sure you use a FTP program that validates the FTP transfer (e.g., WinSCP, CuteFTP) and uses binary File transfer (you can't use ASCII File transfer). Windows Explorer is not guaranteed to tell you it all files got transferred properly.

FileZilla auto mode defaults to ASCII file transfer which transfers data to the i.LON in the wrong format which causes i.LON to not work properly. In this case you will need to reformat the i.LON and re-load the factory image using binary file transfer.

  1. Check your Ethernet cable.

Many reported problems have been related to a faulty ethernet cable or the cable is not plugged in properly.

  1. If you can't change the i.LON IP address through the i.LON factory web pages then most likely you are trying to use an unsupported Web Browser.

Product Web Browser Support (KB930)

  1. If you can't get into security access mode ( in order to change the i.LON IP address.

Console Port:
Try changing the i.LON IP Address through the i.LON Console port (see #6 below). This is the easiest and recommended way to change the i.LON IP Address when you don't know the i.LONs current IP Address.

Security Access Mode:
Hold down the i.LON Service pin for 20-30 seconds while power cycling or causing a i.LON reset (using hardware reset pin or through i.LON web page).

  1. If the i.LON web page doesn't show the expected information or you see server errors then most likely you are trying to use an unsupported Web Browser.

Product Web Browser Support (KB930)

  1. Go to the SmartServer "Setup > System Info" Web page and make sure the General Statistics don't show any issues with RAM, Flash or CPU.

  2. FTP to the i.LON and check the Eventlog.txt file and see if there is any error messages. Check if there are any new exception logs.

  3. Connect the 9 pin RS-232 null modem cable (you may have to use a USB-to-Serial adapter) to the i.LON console port and log the i.LON bootup process (power cycle or reset) to see if there are any hardware issues reported. Use any terminal emulation program like Putty (provided on many i.LON DVDs).

  4. Upgrade to the latest Service Pack (SP) to see if this fixes your issue. The latest SP Readme file will list known issues and workarounds.

  5. Re-load the factory image in case the i.LON software is corrupted.

Backup your i.LON image (FTP). Don't use FileZilla Auto or ASCII file transfer (see #1 above).

Connect the RS-232 null modem cable to the i.LON console, power cycle/reset the i.LON, stop the boot process with "!" when prompted, issue "format" command, FTP the factory image to the i.LON, add all the Service Packs and updates. See the i.LON User's Guide for details. Check if the i.LON starts to work.

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Hello there,
Whilst the troubleshooting tips are invaluable, they are applicable to the Smart Server generally. You do not say if this is indoor lighting in which case the FT twisted pair version of the smart server might be used, or outdoor lighting. If this is outdoor then you are probably using the smart server in standalone mode and the power line version in which case the problems might be bit more specific. If you need further assistance you should log a support call using the support section of the Echelon web site and lonsupport staff will answer your questions as best they can.

Echelon Support 1 vote
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