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Interface: Serial to LON - Powerline

We currently use the network interface U20 and the NodeUtil software in order to connect to our nodes. We love that tool because it is easy to use. We simply send the Neuron ID and the number of the desired network variable, and then we get its value, without binding variables and all that stuff. That's great, and we don't need anything more.

Unfortunately, NodeUtil requires OpenLDV 4.0 to be installed on the PC.

What we are looking for is a tool that works similar to the NodeUtil but doesn't need OpenLDV. Ideally we'd like a tool that may be accessed by the serial interface on one side, and that connects to the PL network on the other side, without any driver installation.

I hope that my question is clear enough. We are looking forward to any answer (or maybe even an existing product) providing a solution.


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NodeUtil can be used with OpenLDV or IzoT LonTalk/IP Interfaces. It is possible to use earlier versions of OpenLDV with NodeUtil, however Echelon does not have a self-contained tool.

Kamal Mehta
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