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LonWorks Interface Not Seeing SLTA Device

Hi There.

I have a

Now to my understanding. I do this.

Install usb to serial lead on win7 x86 pc. (plug it in and windows sets it up fine)

Install OpenLDV

Install SLTA Manager

Plug in SLTA box with all my switches are up except 2/3

Start SLTA manager and configure connection on com 3/ same rate as com 3 usb/serial lead in device manager. (switch 5 is up so i assume bud rate is auto configured)

Now i get a green light. And i get a remote identifier. which is good.

But unlike when i have a LonWorks Network card in the PC, the LonWorks Interface dose not see the Lon1 netowrk that i configured on the Lon Adapter.

any help will be gratefully received.


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SLTA is not managed by the LonWorks Interfaces software. I think it is only controlled via the SLTA Link Manager software.

In the SLTA Link Manager software, look at Devices, Link Associations to see what LON number has been assigned to the SLTA-10. Then try running NodeUtil on that SLTA-10 to see if you can access it as a network interface:

NodeUtil -dLONx (where x is the number you see in the Link Manager).

Kamal Mehta
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