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Manging multiple SmartServers from one page

I'm pretty new to this stuff, but I have a custom web page up and running for one controller, but I'd like to add the ability to control a second controller from the same page. The SmartServers are linked together through an ethernet switch and I'm accessing the web page from a computer hooked to the same switch. Due to browser security, I don't think I'll reliably be able to access both devices from one's custom web page since that would constitute a cross-domain request.

Is there a way around this? Is there a more recommended way to handle this scenario?


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If you created a custom (non-i.LON Vision) web page which did all the SOAP requests to all the other SmartServer you most likely hit the cross-domain issue.

Even though there is no mechanism in i.LON Vision to access datapoints/FBs directly from another SmartServer, it is possible to create an i.LON Vision web page that can monitor/control a subset of datapoints from other SmartServer. Not all i.LON Vision Objects may be able to access the other SmartServer datapoints.

Accessing datapoints from multiple SmartServers requires you to manually add the other SmartServer and it datapoints to the SmartServer navigation tree. This is not scallable for a large site. It will use additional SmartServer memory, and CPU resources even when your web page is not open. Once you have access to the datapoint you should then be able to access it using i.LON Vision objects.

To access datapoints from another SmartServer requires you could do one of the following:
1. If this is a LNS database you could create LNS or web bindings between datapoints on different SmartServers (or its external devices). You could create NVs on the Web server FB and create connections to those.
2. If this is a LNS database right-clicking you can add second SmartServer datapoint to the SmartServer by going to the SmartServer navigation page LNS Tree and selecting "Create External NV" on the datapoint that you are interested in. You can access datapoints from SmartServers that are not part of the same LNS network.
3. For both LNS and Standalone networks, you can add an external SmartServer to the SmartServer navigation tree (Add a Host device)

Deploying a Multple SmartServer site
For a multiple SmartServer site there are typically two functions Network Integrators want to cover:
1. Naviagating between SmartServers
2. Dashboard with datapoints from multiple SmartServers

For a large deployment of SmartServers we would recommend using a dedicated Server that accesses the SmartServer data as needed.

For SmartServer only sites:
1. Navigating between SmartServers
- Use the same HOST page on all SmartServers with Links to the other SmartServers.
2. Dashboard Web page with datapoints from multiple SmartServers
- Put the Dashboard web page on only one SmartServer.

Kamal Mehta
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