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Scheduling With Smart Servers on NL Facilities Designer Software?


We have a project , project diagram is in the pictures below:

I am using Newron Systems' NL Facilities Designer software which is LNS based, as commissioning and HMI tool .
We are using iLon600 to reach to Lon bus lines in each floor as shown in the picture.

The software has Schedule Task but it is not working stable.Sometimes works, sometimes does not. When it works, this time manual commands do not work etc.

I need a schedule solution for my project. Sunscreens must go down at 7.00 pm, and go up in the morning 07.00 am

Does it possible if I add an Loytec L-INX 101 or Echelon iLon100 smart server to the network as in the picture to make a schedule for 191 Lon device?

Does anyone have experience on this software?


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The i.LON 100 and SmartServer have built-in scheduler Functional Blocks (FBs) which allows you to create an Scheduler which can write time depended values to one or more NVO's. This NVO's you can bind to your target NVI's.


Kamal Mehta
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