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enable monitoring is blocking visio

I use open LNS CT for testing. Due to several DataPoint-Shapes the following error occurs: When enable Monitoring ist on and I replace a device, then the whole Visio/LNS CT is blocked. The only way to unblock is the Task Manager.
I don't want to enable/disable with a right-klick, it shoud work with a VBA statement. I know the statement "Application.Addons.Item("LMW enable Monitoring").Run, but this is like a toggle button - without an argument True or False.
Has anyone a solution? thanks

Rudolf Stamm

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I just confirmed that when doing a device replacement with Monitoring enabled, when the Replacement dialog comes up CT monitoring is temporary disabled until the replacement process is complete.

Please check if you have a CT error or warning popup that is behind one of your Window dialogs. If so, this may explain what you are seeing. If you still have an issue then please open a Support Ticket.

Mike W
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In fact, that would be possible. It is not the first time that a window is hidden. This error occurs only when I mistakenly some NVI-Controls have put on "Monitoring".
Thank you

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