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Nodeload Utility not working on Windows 7

We are using Nodeload Utility for the programming of the PL3120 transceiver. A SmartServer serves as network interface. That works fine on Windows XP, but not on Windows 7.

Both machines have Open LDV 4.0 installed.

SmartServer: 4.06.048

NodeLoad realease: 1.23

On the Windows 7 computer, the error message reads:

Query status: no response from network interface
Query status: internal error detected
Error accessing network interface (X.DEFAULT.TEST)
NodeLoad Result: Failed (error - #11): Network interface communication error.

The 'Test' in the 'LonWorks Interfaces UI' is successful on both machines.

Any idea what may be going wrong there?


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Please try it with the latest NodeUtil version that is posted on Echelon's website? Loading a node is the "Y" option on the node menu.

Kamal Mehta
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Thank you for that hint. That works fine.

While I often used that tool with the PLCA-22, I didn't realize that there is a device menu allowing to download the *.NDL file.

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