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ECHELON U10/U20 USB Network interface to Siemens

How I will connect echelon U10 / U20 USB Network interface to Siemens
Operating system : windows xp

I already installed U10/U20 Windows driver but if try to connect siemens it shows "can not open LON device [LON1], Another program is using this device. Disconnect this program from the network (or reboot the computer)"


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This error occurs if another application is using the network interface. For example, Echelon's LNS Server, OpenLNS Server, IzoT Net Server, and Echelon Enterprise Services (EES) Server can all be configured to run as a Windows service and automatically open a network interface. If you have one of those services running with a U10 or U20 network interface, you will not be able to use that same interface with an incompatible application. You can look in the Windows Task Manager to see if you have any of these services, or equivalent services from other vendors.

Kamal Mehta
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