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Erase memory of PL3120

I'm using a PL3120 and have programmed the microserver to it. I can overwrite the application without a problem.
But is there a way to erase the memory so that it looks like a factory-new device?

I looked into nodeload and nodeutil but didn't find an option.

I'm setting up programming routines for the production guys. That's why I'd like to program the device and after having done the test, reset it to factory defaults, so I can simulate a brand new device coming our of reflow.

Currently I set the chip via nodeutil to the appless state. But that keeps e.g. the domain ID of the IC, as far as I understood it.


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Hello Henrik

Once the microserver is programmed, it enters a state known as flush mode or quiet mode. In quiet mode, all network interaction is suspended, and the microserver waits for the host processor to complete the ShortStack initialization sequence.
Please see the Shortstack user's guide for mode details:

If you require further assistance, please open a free of charge support ticket at


Karelle Perrault
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Having the microserver programmed and configured, can it be that the PL3120 is completely invisible and unresponsive as long as it is not configured by the host processor? I did not find a way to interact with it with having no application on the host MCU.

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