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Unable to open Lonworks Interface

I am using a usb u10 ft-10 on a windows 7 64 bit machine. I installed OpenLDV 4.0 and Tried to open the interface and it would not open. I uninstalled OpenLDV 4.0 and installed OpenLDV 5.0 and it still will not open. I am trying to adjust the setting for the USB U10 FT-10

Mike Plummer

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Hi Mike

Do you mean the LonWorks Interfaces application does not open? Does the icon show up in the Windows taskbar?
If yes, it is possible that the window is off the screen. This happened to me a few months back.
If you hover over the entry in the task bar it brings up a little window with the application name and an 'x'. If you right click this you can select move, and then use the cursor keys to move the app.

Kind regards

Karelle Perrault
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I have found my problem. In windows 7 the Microsoft.Net Framwork 3.5 was turn off. I turned it on and reinstalled OpenLDV 5.0 and every thing is working.

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