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What is the latest Network interface software driver?

What Is The Latest Network Interface Software Driver for all of the Echelon products (I.LON 10/100/600 RNI, PCLTA-20/21?


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Please see KB955 for the latest information

The OpenLDV Network Driver is used for i.LON 10/100/600 RNI, PCLTA-20/21, PCC-10, SmartServer, and U10/U20 network interfaces.

The i.LON 10/100/600 RNI, SmartServer, and U10/U20 are supported on 64-bit Windows. The PCLTA and PCC-10 are only supported on 32-bit Windows OS.

Make sure the PCLTA/PCC-10/U10/U20 are not plugged into the PC when installing the driver.

To find the latest Network Driver go to, click Software Downloads, type "openldv" in the search text field and hit the enter key.

OpenLDV 4.0 was the latest as of July 2015.

Kamal Mehta
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