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My Echelon LonMaker Design Manager is still in demo version, although the credit is successful.

that's two times I receive the activation code echelon. and when I agree, always with success. But when I want to introduce the seventh device, I have a message that the'm in demo version. I can not therefore that introduce 6 devices. The drawing template is in mode Lonworksmetric. The display of the credits is 64, but it does not.
What can I do now?
Should I remove the software completely? and reinstall?

Nkenfack Denis

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This is Karelle from the Echelon Tech Support team. What color is the License bar at the bottom left of the LonMaker Design Manager?
It should be green if LonMaker has been successfully activated.

If so, confirm that the template is LonWorksMetric in the New Network Options tab in the LonMaker Design Manager and try creating a new network. Does the error still occurs?

If so, please open a COMMAND prompt and type:
checklic LonMaker.VSL

Make a screen shot.
Then run the LonMaker Activation wizard again and create a new order form.
Send me the screen shot along with the order form. For confidentiality reasons (the form will include your serial number), I recommend you contact me via our support portal at and open a new support ticket with the requested information.

Kind regards

Karelle Perrault
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thank you for answering quickly my question.I created a second Network, and I did have a problem. How can I now know that I am no longer in test mode.
After having commissioned the first device, the credit is still 64. Is that normal?
Best regards

Nkenfack Denis 0 votes
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Hi Denis
It might be normal for the credits to stay at 64. For example, no credit is deducted for devices using the Series 5000 chips.

If you can send me the information I asked for in my previous message, it will be helpful.

Karelle Perrault 0 votes
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Hi Karelle,
I am writing today on the Support about the last suggection.
Thank you

Nkenfack Mbogni Aubin Denis 0 votes
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