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Restore Deleted Folders from Smart server flash drive

i deleted by mistake root/lonworks/types folder while trying to add resource files for CPD3000
The server lost its defualts values

if any could send me that folder as .zip in order to restore it again

Eslam Kassem

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Hello Eslam,
I see you created a normal support request, the problem of which is closely related to this issue. If you have a question about an Echelon product then then you should log a support case rather than using the community.

If you deleted anything such as the /Lonworks/types you can easily replace them. If you purchased the smart server then you should be in possession of an installation CD for at least smart server version 4.04.119. Firmware files. This installation CD can be used to install a default fresh version of the firmware files onto your PC and then you can FTP the required files to the smart server. Note that the current firmware version that supports the CPD3000 V2 is contained in a Smart server Service Pack that is available from the echelon web site at Installing this service pack will provide an updated types and import folder that support the CPD300V2 as well as other improvements.
Paul Robinson
Echelon LonSupport

Echelon Support
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Thanks for your suppport

My problem is now solved by:
1- Upgraging Software to SmartServer 2.2 SP
2- Upgrading the firmware of the Smart Server to 4.06.048

Now CPD3000 are added without errors

Eslam Kassem 0 votes
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