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Need the specification of the protocole of SLTA-10 Network adapter

I would like to use a SLTA-10 Network adapter board as a gateway.
The SLTA board is linked to my MPU board with a RS232 link.
My MPU board has no Linux or Windows operating system, I can't use standard drivers. I need to use Network Variables and Explicit Messages.
So I need to write this driver for my MPU board myself. Please could you provide me the specification of the protocol ("Driver Services" and "Flow Control and Buffering").

Jean-Marc PIVOT

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We can't provide the SLTA Link Manager source code to you, but you could do one of the following:

  1. The SLTA image can be re-written, using NodeBuilder, to use the SLTA as a gateway device. The SLTA device without a factory image is know as a PSG device.

  2. (Recommended) If this is a FT-10 channel, you could try using a U60 module or U60 DIN. The U60 Linux Network Driver Example Source Code is available on our Web site under downloads


Mike W
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The links are dead.  Is the U60 Linux Network Driver Example Source Code still available?

Our system was designed long ago before LonMark.  We used example source code provided by Echelon to write a driver for the SLTA.  SLTAs are now hard to get and expensive.  We may need to switch to USB.

I have downloaded but that is for a very old version of Linux and does not include source code.


I found the source code by searching for "U60 Linux Network Driver Example Source Code".

Stan Dickerson 0 votes
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