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compile error NDL#479 with smart transceiver FT 3120 - E4S40 and nodebuilder 3.14.03

I'm trying to use the SPI I/O object but the linker says "Error: The selected firmware image does not support the SCI or SPI I/O objects [NDL#479]".
my initialization:
IO_8 spi master select(IO_7) clock(7) neurowire slaveint;

The system currently uses the legacy software model with neurowire with the initialization:
IO_8 neurowire master select(IO_7) kbaud(20) slaveint;

I am under the impression that my version of nodebuilder should include firmware image v16 for the 3120 (which has SPI) so I don't understand what the problem is.

Martin Markström Answered

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Mike is correct. The SPI model is only available for Neuron Chips with integrated hardware such as PL 3120 Smart Transceiver, PL 3150 Smart Transceiver, PL 3170 Smart Transceiver, Series 5000 or Series 6000 device.

Karelle Perrault
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I believe that the SPI IO model requires a hardware UART, and the FT 31x0 chips do not have that hardware resource. The FT 5000/6000 series chips do have the hardware UART resource.

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