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Server migration

10 years ago we deployed a domestic installation with a PCLTA-21 network interface, used to control some air conditioner units. That network card was installed a Windows 2003 server. We developed a Java application that controlled the units using a library to comunicate through the LNS Server.

Now that server has died an we have to face the migration to a new server. The problem is actual servers don't have a PCI slot compatible with the PCLTA-21. Either, Windows 2003 is not supported anymore. We would thank you if you could give us some advise about what is the best alternative under this scenario.

Checking echelon website, it looks like a good chance would be to purchase a U10 USB network interface, but I would be glad if you can confirm if it will run without issues on newer Windows 2012 Server. Also if you know if the Java LNS library will continue to work.

Thank you in advance.

Antonio Calvo

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