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Using i.LON 600

I have UNC 520 which is Niagara R2 as my main network interface. Now I'm using Niagara AX server and I want to replace all the R2. Can I bring in the i.LON 600 to a JACE700 ?

luis lazo

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Hello Luis,

You should really address this issue directly to Honeywell or whoever supports the Niagara and Jace boxes. However from my own experience Niagara does support the installation and configuration of lonworks devices. This includes IP-852 devices (an ilon 600). To create an IP-852 channel and members of that channel you will need some software called a configuration server. This can be obtained from the download section of the Echelon web site. The IP-825 users guide can be obtained from the resources section. The software will run only on a Windows machine.
Niagara might have its own configuration server software. You might want to check on this. In either case the Jace will be an IP-852 device along with the i.lon 600.

Hope that helps.
Please not that if you have any further questions about using Echelon products you should use the Support Section of the Echelon web site to create a support case.

Paul Robinson
Echelon LonSupport

Echelon Support
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