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SmartServer IP-852 and Adept GRouters

I have an existing installation with an iLON 100 and several Adept GRouters. I want to upgrade the iLON 100 to a SmartServer (in LNS mode). I am not having any luck. When I enable the SmartServer (right click - enable in the configuration server window), the iLON 100 and all of the GRouters go from green to tan. After that, they turn green one at a time (except the SmartServer). Everything but the SmartServer stays green for a few seconds, then they all turn tan. The SmartServer never turns green. It cycles through that sequence as long as the SmartServer is enabled. If I disable the SmartServer (right click - disable, in the config server window), it takes in about 20 seconds for the iLON 100 and all of the GRouters to turn green. They stay green as long as the SmartServer is disabled.
Any ideas?

Paul h

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Hello Paul h,

This is Paul Robinson from LonSupport here. If your ilon 100 is not already a smart server with a firmware version that start with 4.xx.yyy then you cannot upgrade it to the current smart server firmware. You require at least this firmware version to start with and a hardware revision level of 3.
If your ilon is license for IP-852 routing (please check this) then there should be no problem in adding it as an IP-852 device to the configuration server. The Adept routers however will be very old and be pre ip-852 standards in which case try setting the Channel properties in the configuration sever software to backwards compatible and not standard IP-852. That should do it.

Please note that for support on Echelon products you should create a support case on the support section of the Echelon web site. If you need more help I will do this for you.

Paul Robinson
Echelon LonSupport

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