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Ilon 100e3 RNI Trouble

I'm having trouble connecting as an RNI, I have a router with port 1628 enabled and directing it to the IP address of the Ilon, any ideas? It seems that I can reach it with port 80,23,etc., I have used hyper terminal to verify the correct IP address and I setup my own private little network using my laptop with almost the same IP address, the Ilon page comes up, I hit service tab, I use Ilon, Ilon as the username and password and it starts to load, but seems to just say "wait" while loading

Jeffrey Wagner

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Hi Jeff,

Are you having a problem with RNI or Web page access or both? If Web page then most likely you are using a Web Browser or Web Browser version not supported by the i.LON. See KB930 for supported Web Browsers.

For the RNI, try disabling the firewall temporarily to see if the RNI works to see if it is being blocked by the firewall. You can also change the RNI port on both the LonWorks Interface and i.LON in order to use another port #.

Mike W
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