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Using PCC-10 with window 7 64 bit

i have a computor using windows7 64 bit can i use a pcc-10 network adaptor and what driver do i use kind of confussed


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The PCC-10 can not be used on a 64-bit Windows OS.

The following products support 64-bit Windows (KB939): requires Open LDV 5.0+

  1. U10/U20 USB Adapters
  2. SmartServer
  3. IzoT Router
  4. i.LON 100 e3
  5. i.LON 600

The Following products only support 32-bit Windows (no 64-bit OS support)

  1. PCC-10 (PCMICA slot card)
  2. PCLTA (internal PCI card)
  3. SLTA (RS-232 and USB)

Note: Most customers that use TP/FT-10 channels are migrating from PCC-10, PCLTA and SLTA-10 to the U10 (TP/FT-10) USB Adapter. Make sure your Network Integration tools supports the U10, or get an updated driver from the Tool manufacturer. Also note the U10 may not always be assigned LON1.

Mike W
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