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U60 Problem accessing network interface


My environment: WindowsXP/ OpenLDV 5.0

I plug in my U60 TP-1250 DIN(Model: 75060R-30), But it showed message "There was a problem accessing the selected network interface. Error: e(4)"


It could receive service message which I feel like Strange. Does anyone know why? 

WeiPo Tsai

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Same problem here. I tried to:

1. Uninstall OpenLDV

2. Delete USB device from Device Manager

3. Install FTDI driver 2.08.14

4. Install OpenLDV back (5.1)

Same result.

When i roll it back to 2.12.28 FTDI driver - same result.

Some times when i plug U10 with opened LonWorks Interfaces window, i can see interface properties, so it communicate once, but after any click = "Device is Detached or In-Use"

Any solution?

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