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Adding preset to datapoint using SOAP

Good evening,

I am currently working on a Smartserver 2.2 from a customer.

I try to add new presets for datapoints using a SOAP request, because I have to create a custom webpage that will include this option.

I tried a variation of examples from the developper guide using the SET function (like in chap. 4.3.3 of programmer's reference). But each time I got an error : 'XML error in SOAP request' (3) or even 'fail' (99)

This is an example of one basic datapoint for a light system:

<Item xsi:type='Dp_Cfg'>
<UCPTdirection LonFormat="#8000010128000000[4].UCPTdirection">DIR_IN</UCPTdirection>
<UCPTbaseType LonFormat="#8000010128000000[4].UCPTbaseType">BT_STRUCT</UCPTbaseType>
<UCPTvalue LonFormat='#0000000000000000[0].SNVT_switch'>0.0 0</UCPTvalue>
<UCPTvalue LonFormat='#0000000000000000[0].SNVT_switch'>100.0 1</UCPTvalue>



And I want to add a new Preset (ValueDef) like this one:

<UCPTvalue LonFormat='#0000000000000000[0].SNVT_switch'>65.0 1</UCPTvalue>

If someone have any indication. It would help a lot.

Thanks by advance.

Best Regard,

C. Lemoulan

Cedric Lemoulan

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